Allyson Cook Metell, LMT & Associates


Regarding Allyson Cook Metell, LMT:

"I had one of the best massages of my life this past Saturday at Integrated Health Care! Thanks again to Allyson Cook for her magical touch -- I thought she had more than two hands!" - A. Mass, from Vineyard Haven, MA in 2014
"I tried at a least a dozen massage therapists before a friend recommended Allyson. That was seven years ago, and I've been had appointments with Allyson at least twice a month since then. She is the best masseuse anywhere! I say this as a 50-year-old woman who pounds her body and needs a little assistance to keep my training schedule on track. Five years ago I set a goal to run a marathon (26.2 miles) in each of the 50 states, plus whatever other races I was so inclined to run. There were many months I ran two marathons within weeks of each other. In December 2013 I completed my 50th state, and the day after my race I was in Allyson's office receiving a recovery massage. I couldn't have done reached my goal without Allyson's expert skills. Between races, Allyson worked out the kinks and refreshed my tired muscles and tendons. I'm now training for my first 50-mile road race. I'm grateful Allyson will be there to heal my muscles on a weekly basis leading up to the big day, and to help me recover after." - L.Belcastro, from Edgartown, MA in 2014
"Allyson has played a huge role in my physical and mental well-being for many years. From her strength as a massage therapist understanding the condition of a client's body to being a caring person, she has developed a loyal clientele and an admirable business. Every award given to her is so deserved. I look forward to each session and leave with a better body and less stress." F.Clay, from Chappaquiddick, MA in 2014
Regarding Malinda Mayer: 
"Today i want to share a very positive result of my work with Malinda Mayer. As a result of arthritis and other restrictions affecting my jaw joints I have had trouble opening my mouth very wide for many many years.  It is a particular problem now since I have needed dental work that requires  opening  my mouth wide enough for the dentist to get his tools in my mouth, and to work on back teeth. In fact, In December, I was told by the dental surgeon in Falmouth that if I can not open twice as wide as I was opening at that time that he could not do the work and I would have to lose these teeth. I had 1 month to solve the problem. Yesterday, after 3 or 4 sessions with Malinda Mayer I had the dental work without any difficulty. She worked on old and deep restrictions and I could feel the releases taking place. I feel a relief I haven't felt for 30 years. The dentist could not believe the difference in my ability to open my mouth and keep it open long enough for the work to be done.  I am sure the appointments with Jamie have also contributed to the huge change in my condition. So I want to thank you for the work and services you are providing." - A. Zoll, from Vineyard Haven, MA in 2014